Pick your sin

  • Pride I love myself like nobody else ever could. But I’ll let them try!

    Pride is seen as a sin in many cultures. But if you think about it, in its essence, it’s just knowing your worth. Plain and simple. You’re awesome and you know it. You’re proud of who you are. You’re proud of being you!

  • Greed NOT. ENOUGH!

    Are you someone who always wants more than they already have? An ambitious risk-taker who will always go the extra mile to get what you want, what you really, really want? If so, you’re guilty of greed, the motivating force for ambition. And you know it better than anyone – without ambition, very little can be accomplished. Both in life and love.

  • Envy I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it!

    How come they have it and I don’t? Similarly to greed, envy is one of the greatest sources of motivation known to humankind. You know quality when you see it. And you just have to have it!

  • Wrath I like setting things on fire but at least I’m honest about it

    Bottling up your emotions is definitely not your thing. You’re passion driven and, OK, you can get a liiiittle impulsive once in a while. Whether it’s the shape of your muffin, taste of your coffee or world politics, you won’t think twice before telling the world how you really feel about it.

  • Lust Give it to me baby!

    Sexual drive should be your middle name? If so, congratulations. You’re guilty of The Original Sin! You know, the whole Eve-Adam-snake story. You’re kinky. You’re seductive. You’re obsessed with sex.

  • Gluttony I’d like to order one of everything, please.

    Gluttony is an old-school name for eating more than you need to keep yourself alive. Which means you won’t think twice before biting into that apple! Or perhaps you’ll check the restaurant’s rating first. Either way, you love food. Your friends probably know you as a foodie with a well developed taste palate. And they have it right – nobody can appreciate the flavors of life as well as you.

  • Sloth I’m so tired from all this sitting, I need to lay down.

    No, this time it’s not about the cute animal. It’s the biblical word for just looooving to chill. You take your time to recharge and relax. You love to sleep in. You’ve mastered the art of doing nothing better than anyone you know. Some might think you’re lazy. And you would totally care, but naaah.