Terms of use

1. Terms and Conditions for profiles on EvaSins

You must be at least 18 years old to create a profile on EvaSins

You cannot use the site if you have been convicted of a sexual offense.

By providing your email address, you are accepting that we can send you newsletters regarding EvaSins. Newsletters may contain ads and other forms of advertising and marketing for EvaSins. You can always unsubscribe from our newsletters.

We save your email address as a safety measure in case you forget your password. This way we will be able to send it automatically to your email.

You must provide the correct information about yourself. It is illegal to provide an email address or any type of other contact information that belongs to another person.

By creating a profile on EvaSins you allow us showing your profile to other users of EvaSins, both on the website and by email. A preview of your profile in "matches" will contain the exact information you provided in your profile. In case you do not agree to this, you must delete your profile.

EvaSins is governed by “The Act on Processing of Personal Data” and has an obligation to the Danish Data Protection Agency regarding responsible handling of sensitive personal information. By using EvaSins you accept that we will handle your personal information accordingly to the law. The Act on Processing of Personal Data gives you a number of rights, including the right to see the data processed by EvaSins the right to get information about the data gathered by EvaSins as well as the right to have inaccurate data deleted or corrected. You may ask EvaSins for insight, information, deletion and/or correction of your data at any time. If you do not agree to our data policy, we kindly ask you not to use EvaSins.

2. Terms and Conditions for the content of your profile

EvaSins strives to ensure that all content on the site is appropriate.

EvaSins reserves the right to change or delete profiles which do not comply with Terms and Conditions, including profiles which contain any of the following:

In case you notice a profile including any of the violations of Terms and Conditions for the content on your profile, please use the reporting function.

3. Terms and Conditions for pictures on your profile

EvaSins reserves the right to reject or delete every picture on your profile which:

Pictures, uploaded to your profile must:

Pictures from professional photoshoots may not be sufficient for us to verify your profile. Therefore, you may be asked to show a regular every day picture or upload the verification photo.

In case you notice a picture including any of the violations of Terms and Conditions for pictures on your profile, please use the reporting function.

4. Conditions for user behaviour on EvaSins

EvaSins is striving to ensure a safe and happy user experience on our site. Therefore, we would like to kindly ask you to report any form of harassment, offensive content, instances of degrading other users of the site or violations of our terms of use. These reports will be handled by our customer service and you will be put in direct contact with one of our employees.

EvaSins does not provide escort services and distances itself from such activities. EvaSins in no way supports escort or prostitution services trying to use the name of EvaSins to promote such services. Profiles suspected of such misconduct will be investigated, blocked or banned from EvaSins.

Any activity suspected of involving escort services, prostitution or similar is not allowed on EvaSins and will, without warning, result in an immediate deletion of the profile. EvaSins distances itself from such activities and does not wish to be associated with or to promote such activities.

On EvaSins, discussing "hourly rates" or "information about prices" is seen as unacceptable behaviour which violates our Terms and Conditions. Such violations, if repeated, will result in an immediate deletion of the profile.

Profiles whose primary purpose is to sell pictures, videos, webcam shows, phone or Skype calls and similar "services" which resemble actual prostitution will be deleted without a warning.

It is not allowed to send or forward messages on EvaSins containing explicit content, including commercial, offensive, discriminating or strong pornographic content.

It is also not allowed to forward chain letters or contact information belonging to other people.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to pass on contacts or services to or on behalf of a third party.

Profiles whose primary purpose on the site appears to be collecting email addresses to send advertisements or spam outside the system will be deleted without a warning.

EvaSins advises against transferring or sending money to other users.

Any demand from a EvaSins employee MUST be followed. It is important to accommodate warnings or recommendations. Warnings will be issued if EvaSins assesses a behaviour to be a nuisance to other users, the site in general or the reputation of EvaSins. Ignored warnings may result in blocking or deleting the profile.

EvaSins may, at any time and without warning, delete messages or profiles if any of the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions are not met by the user.

Violations of the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions are equally valid in case of paid membership. In such cases, any paid membership ("Premium memberships", etc.) will not be refunded.

EvaSins reserves the right to go through profile's personal messages if the profile has been reported or if it is under suspicion of abusing the system or violating the Terms and Conditions of EvaSins. The content of the messages will remain confidential.

EvaSins asks our users to report profiles, which directly or indirectly:

5. Idemnification

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you agree to compensate EvaSins, our management, employees and representatives for all losses and damages including, but not limited to: reasonable legal fees incurred by you or your activities on EvaSins, including violations of Terms and Conditions or any allegations or complaints against you made by third parties. You must cooperate fully, as it is reasonably required when contesting a claim.

6. Your safety

EvaSins advises all users not to pass on sensitive personal information, including personal data such as contact information, addresses and bank account numbers.

EvaSins will never ask for your payment information, except for the payment centre.

EvaSins advises all users against giving money to people you do not know, not even if you have exchanged several messages and phone numbers. Such requests are usually made to trick you into giving your money which you will never get back.

Your membership is private and should not be used by anybody else. You will be held responsible for any and all activity on EvaSins for which your password is used, including a third party's use of your password.

EvaSins does not hold ANY responsibilities towards users, who do not follow our Terms and Conditions.

EvaSins reserves the right to notify the police, without warning, regarding all cases of incorrect information or any form of content containing illegal activities. When notifying the police, the IP address together with the time and date of registration of the user in question will be provided to the police.

The above-mentioned Terms and Conditions are governed by Danish law with the exception of international private law which may cause disputes to foreign law. The Aarhus County Court has primary jurisdiction.